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  • Security screens allow you to leave your windows open and still protect against intruders. Enjoy the breeze and rest easy.
  • Safe-T-Screens are installed only by licensed alarm contractors or security companies.
  • Security screens are very easy to maintain and have virtually no false alarms. No more motion detectors or glassbreak sensor malfunctions.
  • If you have an existing security system or are thinking about purchasing one, please ask your security company about our products.
  • Safe-T-Screen custom builds window screens that are connected to commercial and residential burglar alarms and security systems. 


​​Please Review Our Service Offerings and Call or Email for More Information About ​How We Can
Best Serve your Needs.

  • The connection to your alarm system can be made wirelessly or by hardwired connection.
  • With a security screen on each window and contacts on your doors, your home is completely secure. You are free to move about freely. 

Security Screen Specialists

Dedicated to Providing Quality Security Screens for
​Commercial and Residential Windows

  • Security screens are also a great way to keep track of those sneaky teenagers.