Plug wire

The plug wire comes through the back side of the screen.  A variety of plugs are available.

Pin Lead Plug

Available in white and brown.

Inside view

Reed Switch

A magnetic reed switch is also soldered and shrink tubed to prevent removal of the screen.

Spline Finish

Screen spline is rolled into the frame, with the connections underneath. Excess screen material is removed.

Wireless Transmitter

A wireless transmitter may be used instead of a hard wired plug.


Safe-T-Screen is placed into the screen frame.


Each connection is individually soldered and shrink tubed.

Traditional Plug

Wire available in white or brown.  Plug body only available in white.


Finished Corner

The sealant is applied to the corners to prevent tampering.

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Covered Reed Switch

The spline is cut where the reed switch is located and a sealant is placed over the reed switch.

White Semi-Recessed Plug

Continuous Loop

Once all the wires, reed switch and plug are soldered and shrink tubed, a continuous loop is complete.

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Outside view

Brown Semi-Recessed Plug

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