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Safe-T-Screens are manufactured in two ways;

1.  You provide us with existing screen frames from the site. We will replace the screen material with new Safe-T-Screen material.

2.  You can provide us with the exact measurements and we can build new screen frames to order.

  • A magnetic reed switch is embedded within the spline channel and encased in silicone sealant.
  • A magnet is needed to complete the circuit within the screen. The most common is a 3/8" recessed magnet. This style gives about a 3/4" gap distance. It is a good idea to offset your magnet closer to either end of the embedded reed switch, instead of on center.
  • Safe-T-Screen no longer provides magnets with your screen order. Each dealer has a preference and we are unable to stock so many different types of magnets.
  • Screens are connected via 22 gauge wire with choice of connector plug and wire color.
  • You, the installer, locate plug and switch. Typically plugs are in an upper corner and the reed switch in the opposite lower corner.
  • Refer to links above for further detail and instructions.

Dedicated to Providing Quality Security Screens
​for Commercial and Residential Windows

Safe-T-Screens will work on any closed loop alarm system, including most wireless transmitters with contact input.