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Additional features:

  • UV rated
  • Tamper proof
  • Stops intruder before they get inside
  • Allows unrestricted emergency exit
  • Constructed of the finest material – custom made to fit any specifications
  • One year warranty

Dedicated to Providing Quality Security Screens
​for Commercial and Residential Windows

  • Proven hardwire perimeter system
  • Can be connected to existing alarm systems
  • Compatible with wireless systems
    ​(can be connected to wireless transmitters)
  • Utilizes existing screen frames
  • No electronic circuitry to malfunction
  • Maintenance free – cleans like any other screen
  • Teflon coated, 30 gauge detection wire
  • Few false alarms – Trouble free!
  • Once connected, the small wires that are woven vertically through our screens form a protective barrier. If the screens are removed or cut, your alarm is activated. Intruders are stopped BEFORE they enter your home! Best of all you can go to bed with the windows open and sleep like a baby!! Forget to lock a window? No problem! Safe-T-Screens are always on.
  • Safe-T-Screens also function as a top quality insect screen. They are made of fiberglass mesh that is 40% thicker than a conventional screen. They are also UV rated to help limit the suns rays.
  • Safe-T-Screens will not dent, shrink, crease, or corrode; yet they still allow natural visibility. They save the cost of running air conditioning, reduce fading of furniture and carpet, cut glare and still protect your home from intruders.
  • Safe-T-Screens are an effective way to keep people in as well....such as vulnerable adults and troubled teens.
  • Unlike motion or glass break detectors, Safe-T-Screens allow unrestricted movement by you and your pets throughout your entire home.
  • With contacts on your doors and Safe-T-Screens on your windows, your home is completely protected!

What are Safe-T-Screens?

The most practical and reliable way to provide perimeter protection! Safe-T-Screens are high quality and
custom made to fit any window. Designed to prevent intrusion at the most vulnerable point – the window – and still
​allow you unrestricted use of your windows.