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  • Easy home perimeter protection
  • Always on, no need to remember to "set" your alarm.
  • Leave your windows open
  • Lower insurance rates
  • No false alarms
  • Maintenance free
  • Ideal for obstructed windows, childrens bedrooms and sneaky teenagers
  • Will not impede emergency exit
  • Unlike motion dectectors, pets will not set off alarm
  • Blocks 40% more UV rays than a standard screen
  • Connects to an existing alarm system
  • Can be made wireless by connecting to a wireless transmitter

Safe-T-Screens can only be sold to alarm companies.

 For more information on why you should chose
​Safe-T-Screens or how to find an alarm company, click on the links above.

Why Safe-T-Screens? 

Dedicated to Providing Quality Security Screens
​for Commercial and Residential Windows